DRAAAAAAAKKEEE ! Once again SouljaBoy proves why he's Big Draco , with back to back hits ,a new video game system and much more ( instagram @souljaboy @souljaboygame )


What's up guys ,I will be doing many artist highlights on this blog and I figured why not start it off with doing one on one of my favorite artist and that's SouljaboyTellem aka Big Draco .

Put some respect on that man name .Every time you think he's finished he hits you with something new .


Don't call it a comeback respectfully ,with multiple hits this year Big Draco has proven he's no one hit wonder or played out rapper . His song "She Make It Clap" has set the universe ablaze with millions of people copying his dance moves and earned him another #1 song on the billboard hot 100 . Going #1 on the charts is nothing to Soulja aka Big Draco .with tracks like Rick and Morty and the She Make it Clap Remix featuring French Montana, SouljaBoy has the music industry's attention once again. I'm sure I can speak for most who are keeping up with his moves when I say , I can't wait to see what he comes out with next ! His latest album "BIG DRACO THE ALBUM " is set for release on July 28th 2021.He says its gonna be "one of the hardest albums of all time ...we shall see .....


After the first console failed horrifically,Big Draco has released what I call the souljaboy game 2.0 ! Now its handheld and has his logo on the back!I'm not gonna stunt , I like it ! It comes with a touch screen ,a full controller setup complete with a fully functional joystick. With games like Call of Duty mobile and AmongUs , this console is no emulator ! I'm gonna purchase one soon and do a review Stay tuned ..

#3: The Final Score SouljaExotics and Much More !

Last but not least I wanna speak on Big Draco's new legal weed business aka @souljaexoticsla . After the long await we finally get to get our hands on what he says is the best Zaza in the game . Partnering up with Oakland,Ca based GrizzlyPeak ( ) seems to be just another boss move by the bonified hustler. His claim to be the first rapper to have weed grown in coco fiber is just one move I appreciate my self as advocate for the use of cannabis . I haven't had a chance to partake in the #zaza yet so my opinion is limited. Don't forget his new collaboration with on SouljaBoy pineapple lemonade! As you can see it sure looks tasty .At the price tag that's gonna run you a good dud it sure is meant to be a special concoction.I could go on all day with this mans accomplishments (maybe I'll do a part two if I get him to share this blog ,wishful thinking huh?) but I'll leave something for the ones that's not hip to Big Draco you can find him on Instagram @souljaboy @souljaboygame

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