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Formally know as Saturn Maze Five, ALMIGHTY JOKER,CEO of Independent Record Label Animal Control Entertainment hails from Gary, Indiana. He first became interested in rapping as a teen but at 16 he gave up the dream of being an emcee after the murder of his older brother. After many years of playing around with music, Almighty Joker began recording music again under the name Saturn Maze Five. Releasing many songs on he failed to gain traction so he took another hiatus to rebrand himself. After a near-death experience leaving him having to relearn how to talk again and scared across the forehead he found a new purpose to pick up the dream his brother and him once had. Now known for his activist work more than his music Almighty Joker has much more ability than those two attributes, he also acts and hopes of becoming an actor. follow him on Facebook and Instagram @officialalmightyjoker